Subscription Guidelines

Acme Superstore prides itself on having a user-friendly Subscription service with competitive discount rates. The service is FREE to join, with only 1 on going title needed to keep your file active.

You, as a subscriber, are expected to clear your file completely at least once a month. We provide a 10% discount off all books not already marked with a sale price. That's New and Back-issue Comics, Trade Paperbacks & Hardcovers, even Gaming Books! You can add and delete a title from your list at anytime in person, via phone, Facebook message, E-mail, so long as you still meet your 1 title minimum. After 6 weeks, if there are books in your file and if contact has not been made, your file will be frozen. After 2 months, your file will be cancelled.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.