White Widow 2.5 is now available for pre-sale!


Red Giant Entertainment Inc, an innovative Intellectual Property company specializing in high-quality characters and content for use in a variety of media and entertainment, today announced that their breakout hit comic book WHITE WIDOW, has been contracted by Orlando-area comic book store Acme Superstore to create an exclusive Issue #2.5 to be given away on May 4, 2019, during industry holiday event.

Created by popular artist Jamie Tyndall alongside Red Giant Entertainment CEO and writer, Benny R. Powell, WHITE WIDOW is set in the “Absolute Comics Universe” and follows the adventures of Gabrielle Garcia, a typical American girl who suddenly finds herself transformed into the superpowered White Widow after her scientist father is murdered.

Issue #2.5 will be a self-contained story that takes place sequentially between the second issue (due in stores end of April) and the third issue (due in stores end of May to early June).

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Acme Superstore